Pica F5

Pica F5 is a water based algae, moss and lichen remover. Dilute 1-4.


Pica F5 works on most types of surfaces as, concrete, brick, stone, render, plastics, metal and wood. Pica F5 Is Bio-degradable and does not harm the treated surface. Avoid using in sub-zero temperatures or if large amounts of rain is expected.
  • Cover flower beds.
  • Brush thick layers of moss from roofs.
  • Spray pica F5 on to surface.
  • Do not rinse the treated surfaces with water after the treatment. Rain will eventually clean the surface from dirt and undesired biological growth.
  • Clean windows after treatment of superfluous amounts of Pica F5.
  • If the surface is to be cleaned with high pressure equipment; let Pica F5 work for at least 24 hours before treatment.
  • Algae and  moss disappear within 1 year, Lichen within 2 years.
  • The treated surface will keep clean for up to 5 years.

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