About us

Pica AB specializes in producing products for Graffiti Protection, Graffiti Removal and Hydrophobing.

We protect all types of surfaces against, for example, graffiti, weather, wind and environmental impact. Pica AB invests in great technical know-how and to be a leader in the development of new products through collaboration with, among others, Lund University and the Swedish Testing and Research Institute (SP). Pica AB has a vision that we can minimize the use of decontamination chemicals and instead protect more objects with graffiti protection. We know that the best and cheapest way to get rid of graffiti is by graffiti protection of more facades and surfaces.

Remediation methodology

Applying chemicals to a surface always involves a risk to the substrate, so always follow the following steps before starting work:


Using the right product at the right time is the difference between a job well done and a dissatisfied customer. Pica AB regularly conducts training at various levels to raise the level of knowledge of our customers so that they can perform their assignments better and more efficiently. Our training qualifies you and your employees as certified graffiti cleaners.

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Research Development

The world is changing. We know we have to change with it. New and better products are continuously developed in a unique collaboration between our customers, ourselves and our partners, the Swedish Testing and Research Institute (SP) and Lund University.

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