Category: Graffiti / Surface Protection

Pica P599

Pica P599 PP599 is a solvent free permanent protective coating. Generally PP-599 is a Silane/Siloxane based solvent free permanent protective

Pica P550 Color

Pica P550 Color PP550 is a wax-based graffiti protection system that effectively protects against graffiti while at the same time

Pica P520 Winter

Pica Protector 520 is a wax based graffiti protection system that is specifically designed to function during winter. Allmänt Pica

Pica P505 Extra Stong

Pica Protector 505 is a wax based anti-graffiti coating system. Pica Protector 505’s unique formula gives you the same amount of

Pica P500

Pica P500 Pica Protector 500 is one of the most widely used wax based graffiti protection systems today. Generally Pica


APP-SC APP-SC is a polysaccharid based protective coating that conforms to the highest environmental standards. Apply product with low pressure

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